Artist statement

My goal as a fine art photographer is to include aspects that are technical, complex,  symmetrical, and provide emotional connections, when possible.

Pattern recognition and symmetry along with layers and depth in my images tend to evoke a positive emotional association that I include when composing my photographs.


Guggenheim -Bilbao, Spain

My photos are complex because I aim to find beauty in an image. My approach is scientific and uses mathematical principles as it applies when taking a photograph. When composing I include thought based on the "Fibonacci Sequence" or the "golden ratio." Which is often found in nature and the human body.


Fundamental photography concepts like composition, rule of thirds, Phi Grid, leading lines, etc. Play a part in my work without question. I often try to use variations of blues as it evokes the feeling of high peace and serenity.

My work tends to be bright, open, and airy, for the most part. In my mind I imagine that it evokes relaxation and happiness, pleasant. More recently I began incorporating more imagery that conveys obscurity, anxiety, apprehension. 


From image capture to to final output, I use professional grade DSLRs and quality lenses, latest computers and software, and only the finest quality print paper thats on the market, conservation grade materials, and custom mounting options.